Cibola County 

   is located west of Albuquerque.  Interstate 10 goes through county.  Grants New Mexico is the county seat.


Apn# Size +/- (Acre) Legal Description (info Link) Notes $$$$
R15214 .51 Gabaldon Block 14, Unit 3, lots 17,18,19, 20 8 adjoining lots totalling 1.06 ac 5000 for
R15191 .55 Gabaldon Block 14, Unit 3, lots 1,2,3,4 " must be sold together all 8 lots
R17030 .71 Gabaldon Block 15, Unit 3, lots 1,2,3,4,5 GPS front center: 35.16067 , -107.86875 2500 all 5
R16996 1.0 Gabaldon Block 13, Unit 3, Lots 7-14 Gps curve in circle 35.16078 , -107.87051 6000 all 8
R15599 1.2 Gabaldon Block 15, Unit 3, Lots 18-25

Huge Views overlooking town of Grants

$17,000 for
R18625 1.45 Gabaldon Block 15, Unit 3 , Lots 1-9 Huge Views overlooking town of Grants * must be sold together all 17 lots
R21410 19.5 Indian Knolls Ranch Lot 16 On Native Drum Pass . borders State lands about 30 miles NW Quemado 19,900
R14572 60'x105 Jelso-Sakelares Block 7, lot 33 1224 Washington in Grants 2500





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Natural Wonders & Historic Places

El Morro National Monument
The ruins atop the mesa were one of the "Seven Cities of Gold." Carvings and messages were left by Anasazi, as well as conquistadors and historic travelers on the famous "Inscription Rock."
El Malpais National Monument
Explore 126,000 acres of "Frozen Fire" containing some of the most awesome lava and sandstone formations on earth. This badlands district of expansive lava flows, surreal ice caves and towering arches is also home to eagles, deer, elk, and antelope. It's just moments away from Grants and is a sight you will never forget.
Ice Caves and Bandera Crater
Cooling underground airflow maintains the perpetual mass of ice. Nearby, Bandera Crater offers a glimpse of how one of New Mexico's many volcanoes erupted.
Chaco Culture National Historic Park
This impressive collection of ruins is what's left of the most important settlements of the Anasazi, an advanced Indian culture that thrived between A.D. 750 and 1300. Explore the vast archeology ruins including underground ceremonial kivas and communal dwellings.
Mt. Taylor
At the heart of Cibola County, rises 11,301' Mt. Taylor. Among the towering Ponderosa Pine, you'll discover nature trails, scenic vistas, and wonderful picnic spots. Nothing beats Mt. Taylor for year round recreation - hiking, mountain biking, running, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.
Bluewater Lake State Park
Fishing for rainbow trout or catfish, camping, boating, and hiking are just some of the attractions. Just 25 miles west of Grants, you can enjoy this versatile vacation spot year round.

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