Lake County is a county in the high desert south central region of the U.S. state of Oregon, so named for the many lakes found within its boundaries,[1] including Lake Abert, Hart Lake Reservoir, and Goose Lake. While Lake is among Oregon's largest counties, it is sparsely populated with 7,895 residents in 2010. Its seat is at Lakeview[2]

Lake County is in a high desert region known as Oregon's Outback, on the northwestern edge of the Great Basin. The county is generally divided between the communities around Lakeview and Paisley to the south and the communities around Christmas Valley, Fort Rock, and Silver Lake to the north

Area Map# acct# Acres +/- Location power Notes $$$$
T25S R22EWM section 1: NE1/4NE1/4 25 22-100 962 40 acres Extreme NE Lake County about 30 miles NE of Christmas Valley no GPS (approx.) center: 43.4389 , -120.0191 ; SW: 43.437, -120.021 ; NW: 42.440 , -120.021 ; NE: 43.440 , -120.16 ; SE: 43.437 , -120.016 ; 19,900
Forested parcels west of Lakeview < SEE LINK < < 10-40 15 miles west of Lakeview nearby Several adjoining parcels, Well and septic approved. varies
Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge area < SEE LINK < < 20-240 Eastern Lake County no Parcels border BLM. some parcels are surrounded by BLM. Near Hart Mt.nat'l antelope/wildife refuge varies
Christmas Valley Town 27S17E10CD19900 4772 .14 corner lot on Aspen & Maple 200-300 ft. In town of Christmas Valley. buildable, RV, mobiles, ok. 1 block off main road 8900
Christmas Valley Town 27S17E10CD19800 4771 .004 corner of Larch st & Maple 200-300ft. 2 adj. lots. In town of Christmas Valley. buildable, RV, mobiles, ok. 1 block off main road 6500 BOTH
27S17E10SD19700 4770 .10 on Larch
Christmas Valley Town 27S17E10CC06100 4532 80'x150' (.28AC) Willow St. In town of Christmas Valley. buildable, RV, mobiles, ok. 6500

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T25S R16E Sec 26 E1/2NE1/4NE1/4 25 18 26-100   20 13 miles NE of Christmas valley 4/10 mile to west at road GPS center (approx.): 43.382925, -120.517693 12,700 SOLD
OVLC B318 L 3 39S20E22CB01800 15091 25'x135' Town of Lakeview unknown commercial zoning south 19th street between Idaho & Montana (erg) 2000 (glg) SOLD