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On this page you will find the Newest postings to our Website and parcels that have become available due to buyer default or other reasons.

These links change frequently. Most of these listings are new acquisitions within the several months.

ALASKA Kenai Borough ; Manley hot Springs district

Cibola County New Mexico Grants, El Morro, Pine Meadows, Candy Kitchen areas

Torrance County New Mexico : Deer Canyon Preserve , Willard

40 Acres San Luis Valley Colorado about 9 miles North of Alamosa

Klamath Couty Oregon : Klamath Falls Town Lot, * Klamath Falls Forest Estates & Klamath Forest Estates , * Rim Dive, * 32 acres with log cabin, *

119 acres with creek , * 43 acres Ferguson Mountain Pines, * Oregon Pines, * Oregon Shores

Eureka County Nevada 60 acres Dann-Frenchie road



The Newest parcels are on the top of the chart for that county/area

The above represents only the newest postings


Our inventory is continually changing please refresh the various pages of our website. .

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