Estanicia Valley Ranchettes
  Valley of Estancia Ranchettes (VER) is located 7 miles east of Moriarty New Mexico just off of IH 40 in Torrance County. An easy 35-45 minute commute to Albuquerque via the Interstate.
These parcels are 1 acre in size. Mobiles, Modulars, site builds are allowed. Animals are ok. No restrictions. No covenants. No HOA or POA.   Power is in the Subdivision.  Roads are in to the Parcels. Taxes average $10 per parcel per year. If/when you build you would have to install a well (or holding tank) and septic.  At the present time this is a very sparsely populated subdivision. 

Estancia Valley Ranchettes
UNIT BLOCK LOT Apn# Notes - all lots are 1+/- acre each Price $$ (sop)
2 2 8 R001007001 1 block south of San Luis. just east of Pueblo $3500
2 3 8 R000642701 2 Blocks south of san Luis. east of Pueblo $2800 asg
10 4 12 R000776701   1800 (arg)
10 5 2 R000765001 Rivera $2000 (agp)
10 5 9 R001399601 Rivera $2000 (gqp)
12 8 25 R000936301 north of Interstate. 1 street N. of Acorn. Power Close $2500 (npp)


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