Lander County

APN# Acres/size +/- legal description/address (info link) power/ phone Notes $$$$ map code int
007-100-10 & 007-100-15 80 Lot 10 & NE4 of lot 11 and NW4SW4of Lot 11 ( aka Lots 10 & 11) Section 7, Township 30N, Range 47E no Mountain Ridge with Incredible views 49,000 orppp
003-121-22 * .88 Lot 7, Block N, KT (Kingston Town) Unit #4 unk Cul-de-sac lot. On Empire Ct. Kingston Town 4,000 sgp
007-250-39 * 200 T29N, R47E, sec. 31 NE4; NE4SE4 no 200 acres off HILLTOP ROAD 169,000 olsgq
010-150-31 * 40 T33, R45, sec 25, NW4NW4 1 mile surrounded by BLM. N of Battle Mountain 35,000
007-090-17 * 20 T30N, R47E, section 1, N2NE4SW4 no about 7 miles N. of town of Crescent Valley. 2 miles W. of Eureka county line 8900 sold ngp
007-266-11 * 4.77 Crescent Valley Unit 2, Block 6, Lot 10 no Just S. of Town. EZ Hiway access. 5900 sold oogp
007-268-08 * 4.77 Crescent Valley Unit 2, Block 9, Lot 7 no Borders dry wash. Just S. of Town 7,900 opgp
007-275-04 4.38 Crescent Valley Ranch & Farm unit 2, block 14, lot 4 no Hwy 306 frontage just south of town 12,500 eppp
apn# acres CORRAL CANYON 170 ACRES This group of 6 parcels MUST BE SOLD TOGETHER $$$ map code int
007-640-01 * 20 (170 all) T30N, R47E, section 33, Lot 1 no CORRAL CANYON all contiguous all oggp
007-640-02 * 20 (170 all) T30N, R47E, section 33, Lot 2 no CORRAL CANYON all contiguous 170 acres ospp
007-640-03 * 20 (170 all) T30N, R47E, section 33, Lot 3 no CORRAL CANYON all contiguous


007-640-04 * 20 (170 all) T30N, R47E, section 33, Lot 4 no CORRAL CANYON all contiguous $125,000 nqqq
007-640-05 * 80 (170 all) T30N, R47E, section 33, N2NE4 no CORRAL CANYON all contiguous ^^^^ ioqq
007-640-08 * 10 (170 all) T30N, R47E, section 33, NW4SE4NE4 no CORRAL CANYON all contiguous ^^^^ aqq

Lander County was one of the original nine counties created in 1861. Named for Frederick W. Lander; chief engineer of a federal wagon route through the area in 1857. He later served as Special Indian Agent in the area, and died during the Civil War in Virginia in 1862 at the rank of brigadier general. Created in 1862, Lander County sprang forth as the result of a mining boom on the Reese River, along the old pony express line; taking a considerable portion of Churchill and Humboldt counties with it. Eventually, Lander would be known as the "mother of counties" because so many were carved out of it. Its first county seat was Jacobsville in 1862 which was soon after moved to Austin in 1863 and finally Battle Mountain in 1979.

Battle Mountain is located approximately 225 miles northeast of Reno and is the county seat for Lander County. Lander County is named after General Fredrick W. Lander who was a prominent road builder for the Department of the Interior. He played an important role in negotiating a peace settlement with American Indians during the Pyramid Lake War of 1860. The Lander County region attracted prospectors fanning out across the Great Basin after the 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode. In October 1868, the railroad established Reese River Siding and made Argenta its principal station and point of departure for the busy mining camps to the south. In January 1870, Argenta was moved five miles west, Reese River Siding was renamed Battle Mountain Switch, and the town of Battle Mountain sprang into existence. Nevada's most prominent mining camps in the 1870s were served by the railroad at Battle Mountain.

From 1880 to 1938, Battle Mountain was the operating headquarters for the Nevada Central Railroad, as well as the Battle Mountain and Lewis Railroad (1881-1890). The town's first copper boom developed in 1897 in the Galena (Battle Mountain) Range. By the middle 1930s, most of the mines that generated traffic at Battle Mountain were shut down and boarded up. Some 30 years later, the DuVal Company (now known as the Battle Mountain Gold Company) invested more than $20 million in the development of large copper ore bodies in the hills to the south. Battle Mountain became a boomtown, the schools overflowed, the sewer system burst its seams and the municipal wells started pumping sand.



007-280-18 20 T29N, R47E, section 15, S2SE4SW4 no SW of Crescent Valley near Tub Spring Gulch 2500 sold ggp