Ranchos Lake Conchas

Ranchos Lake Conchas (RLC) is located off of Hiway 104, about 45 miles NW of Tucumcari, 12 miles W-NW of Lake Conchas. And 60 Miles SE of Las Vegas NEW MEXICO. 2 hour drive to Albuquerque. 2 & 1/2 hours to Amarillo.This is still a secluded and Fairly remote area with easy access off of hiway 104. Pitch Black nights, beautiful sunsets, vibrant blue skies. There are Buttes and Mesas surrounding and adjoing this area. Some wildlife. very few people. Secluded but not isolated. Garita Creek runs through the area. Some parcels border the creek.


SIZE acres +/-

Power/phone dist.


3 5 17 backs to open lands. gps (approx) 35.315143 , -104.382970 5.2 1/4+ mile 5000 SOLD gpp
3 16 6, 7 approx GPS 35.328315 , -104.396054 5.0 + 5.0 n/n 12,000
4A 10 11 Main Road frontage. Backs to Garita creek. Power and phone GPS: 35.330747 , -104.36444 5.41 at lot 14,000 *
4A 10 14 Main Road frontage. Backs to Garita creek. Power and phone GPS: 35.329919 , -104.367856 6.37 at lot

14,000 all 3 for $35,000 *

4A 10 15 Main Road frontage. Backs to Garita creek. Power and phone GPS: 35.329778 , -104.368497 6.22 at lot

14,000 all 3 for $35,000 *

4A 10 16 Main Road frontage. Backs to Garita creek. Power and phone GPS: 35.329744 , -104.369228 6.48 at lot 14,000 all 3 for $35,000 *


UNIT 2- closest to the hiway. Hiway 104 actually splits unit 2 in half. Power is in parts of the western half. Southwest side of the Hiway. Several homes on the SW side. None on the Eastern side.

UNIT 3- Magnolia is the Main road in Unit 3. There is power along Magnolia and lines spur off on different streets. Underground phone cables are in Several blocks of Unit 3. Unit 3 starts 1/3 of a mile to the East of the Hiway. There are several residences in Unit 3. You have to take hiway 104. Hiway 104 is the hiway going From Tucumcari to Las Vegas.
Take Magnolia road off of Hiway 104. Magnolia is the 1st road about 1/4-1/2 mile North of Garita Creek. Magnolia goes EAST.. Take Magnolia for about 2 miles. See the maps. Magnolia will keep going straight into Unit 4. There is a road that breaks off to the right about 1/4-1/2 mile before the old mobile home on the right. Follow the Circled 10 on the map and the Circled 11 on the mapTurn right on this road, you will go under the electric lines. On the map Magnolia keeps going and goes off the right side of the map. this is where unit 4A starts. Turn Right (down on the page) this follows lot 21, 20, 19, 18. You will come to the Creek Crossing. It is somewhat rocky. walk it before you cross it. I made it in a rental car, but conditions might have changed. Cross the creek. in about 100 yards you come back onto the main road. Turn right Follow this road, you are heading the direction of the hiway. after maybe APPROX. 1/2 mile you will come to a HUGE WASHED OUT PLACE IN THE ROAD ---
DO NOT SPEED or you will end up in a 12' ravine. THE ROAD IS WASHED OUT. You cannot see it until you are almost on top of it...!!!

WALKING THIS ROAD WOULD BE BEST. It is fairly level. Once you see where the washed out place is, then drive it.

Unit 4A- Begins where unit 3 ends, about 2 miles from the hiway. Magnolia is the main road through this unit. Power and Phone cables are along Magnolia. There are a few residences in Unit 4.

Unit 5- West of the Hiway off of Big rock road, about 3 miles from the hiway. Unit 5 stretches a mile or so north from Big Rock Road. Power and phones are at Big Rock road. Unit 5 is the most remote and secluded. there are several residences along Big Rock Road.

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2 15 13 borders Open spaces/large ranch 5.0 1/4 mile 3250 SOLD sgp
3 7 30 Nice rolling area near Mountains backs to Garita creek GPS (approx). 35.315511 , -104.485248 5.22 1/4 mile 7500 SOLD
3 11 21 Main Road access. Corner Lot gps (approx) 35.330066 , -104.372784 5.2 y/y 9500 * SOLD