* Wolf Creek * South Fork area

        Wolf Creek Area Land 
         Wonder Mines
  • SIZE: 20.33
  • APN#: 557-112-100-803
  • LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Wonder I & Wonder II, Patented Mining Properties under survey#16440, County of Conjos, State of Colorado.
  • STATE: Colorado
  • COUNTY:  Conejos
  • DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Access from South Fork (Wolf Creek Ski Resort Area) on Forest Service Road 380 back about 35 minutes,

    Access from Monte Vista take 15 South at a large wood directional sign take 250 past Jasper then to the 380 intersection take the right fork on 380 park just after passing Iron Creek.

  • GPS COORDINATESS Need to be set to Degrees, Minutes. Minutes are followed by decimals (NOT SECONDS) DATUM: Under set up (options, display or measures), Units, then datum you must click on DATUM 27 (NOT CONUS 83). Surveying records and most GPS units are preset to Continental United States-North American 1983 DATUM (NAD83). However, the USGS Topography Maps are set @ DATUM North American Datum 1927 (NAD27). There can be up to 300 feet difference between DATUMs. USGS also has information on how to convert on the lower left corner of the 7.5 min Quad Maps. NE corner: LAT North: 37 23.13 Long West: 106 36.816 NW corner: Lat North: 37 23.091 Long West: 106 36.86 SW corner: Lat North: 37 22.7916 Long West: 106 36.3678 SE corner: Lat North: 37 22.836 Long West: 106 36.336

  • GENERAL ELEVATION: 10,800ft-11,400 ft

  • GENERAL INFORMATION: Property is approx. 300' by 3,000' long (2 patented mining claims). No active mining ever took place on the subject parcel even though gold, silver, copper and Iron are supposed to exist at the site.
    Possible Lynx on the parcel that have been reintroduce by the forest service, in the area. There were huge bull elks seen on the parcel. There is tremendous wildlife and it is a prized wilderness areas.This is a beautiful get away with snow mobile access in the winter. Prospect Mountain can get up to 30 ft of snow at the Summit. Camp, build relax in this unspoiled wilderness. There are Iron monuments at the corners and forest service boundary markers along the borders

  • TYPE OF TERRAIN: slopping
  • ZONING:  mining, recreational. You can do anything you want with the land/ Conejos county has very few restrictions.
  • POWER: no
  • PHONE: no.
  • WATER: no. must install well or holding tank, if you when you build. .
  • SEWER: No. Only needed when/if you build.
  • ROADS:  dirt
  • PROPERTY TAX: $180 a year 
  • CLOSING/DOC.  FEES: $90. 
  • PLAT MAP: Plat map
  • TITLE INFORMATION: Free and clear
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price: $99,900

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