Silverton-Lake City-Ouray

San Juan Mountains Colorado  

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LOCATION SIZE acre +/- Notes
Ouray county 2 patented mining claims Francis L. Harms MS #2419 & Silver Wave MS 5583 south of Oura and Bear creek falls Trail. North of Climax creek. East of Hwy 550

Harms 6.2

Silver Wave 3.76

GPS(approx.): Frances L Harms: 37.993648 , -107.643698

Silver Wave: 37.993585 , -107.644133; 37.993648 , -107.643698

2 Lots Townsite of Eureka Townsite of Eureka 50'x100' 2 lots in the Historic Townsite of Eureka . Rare, Most lots are no longer privately owned.
Astor #5 Acct#47750260050008 10.32 MS# 1292, Eureka Mining District, San Juan County (ooa)
Belle Creole on Road near Sunnyside Mine 9.24 1/4 undivided interest
Burns Gulch Claims Silverton- Animas Forks varies by parcel Mountain land across from Picayune gulch. Burns Gulch area. N. of Eureka S. of animas Forks.
Carbonate Placer Engineer pass 57.50 Own Engineer Pass and BOTH Sides
CLARENCE  SOLD Animas Forks 10.3+/- acres California Gulch area near Animas Forks adjoins VIRGINIA EXTENSION
Dagenfels Acct#48310180010032 8.76 1/10th undivided interest in land and minerals. MS#719 Animas Mining distric
Denver Lakes parcels Animas Forks-Mineral point varies by parcel Numerous parcels. Mountain land. Denver Lake and Denver Mountain. N. of Animas Forks S. of Mineral Point
DICK DAWSON Lake City 10.33+/- ac about 15 miles west of Lake city Engineer pass road.
ENGINEER PASS & PALMETTO GULCH Lake City- Ouray- silverton varies by parcel Pristine mountain Property. Numerous parcels.
Eureka - Animas Forks Silverton- Animas Forks varies by parcel Numerous parcels available. Some with Animas River Frontage. Mountain setting.
Grand Duke Above Sunnyside Mine 10.32 1/4 undivided interest on Mountain adjoins ORACLE Henson Peak
Hawkeye #2 Acct# 48290010010017 10.33 MS# 18202,, Animas Mining District San Juan County (ono)
HIGHLAND CHIEF MILLSITE Lake City 4.99 Engineer Pass Road & Henson Creek
King Solomon Group King Solomon Mt & Little Giant basin 28.20 total +/- ac King Solomon Lode, Jura Lode, Mountain Queen Lode on western side of King Solomon Mountain
Merrimac ACCT#47770000040025 6.31 MS# 7305 (not the one in Burns gulch). Animas Mining Distrcit
Mountain Eagle ACCT#47730330010022 10.33 MS# 15304 1/5th undivided interest in land and minerals. Animas mining district
Oracle Above Sunnyside mine 6.35 1/4 undivided interest adjoins Grand Duke. Grand Duke has seniority Henson Preak
Nevada lode Acct#47750110050046 10.3 California Mt..1/9th Undivided interest MS# 17011 GPS (approx.): NW: 37.915623 , -107.607149 ; NE: 37.917036 , -107.645308 ; SE: 37.916266 , -107.602343
Orleans Millsite Acct# 47750210050021 5.0 MS#15061. Eureka mining District
San Juan Vindicator Acct# 48310180010023 4.33 MS#14117 1/6th Undivided interest
SANDUSKY SOLD Silverton-Ouray  10.33+/- acres Secluded with Trees. Road. North of Silverton.
Silver Bell Lode Burns Gulch 8.91+/- MS# 2484 Eureka Mining District between Silverton and Animas Forks
Silver Lake Parcels Silverton varies by parcel Near Silver Lake
Silverton Little Casino Group Silverton varies 4 parcels. adjoins west side of Silverton
Treasure Mountain Animas Forks varies Several parcels near Animas Forks.
Treasury Extenstion   9.9 1/10th undivided interest in land and minerals. MS# 720, Animas Mining District
STONEY PASS MINING CLAIMS Silverton varies by parcel Several different parcels. East of Silverton near Stoney Pass
VIRGINIA EXTENSION Silverton- Animas Forks 10.33+/- acres Pristine Alpine Basin. adjoins CLARENCE 
Water Witch Lode 1.5 miles North of Gladstone 7.38+/- MS# 18416 Eureka Mining district. Above Cement creek on road to Lake Como. . Cement creek road

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CALCITE lode SOLD Capital City - Engineer pass 20.6+/- acres west of Lake City Henson Creek road adjoins the Highland Chief

Growler SOLD Silverton 6.07 +/- Ms# 16476 Swansea Gulch north side of Kendall Mountain
Scranton City SOLD 10.33 Ms# 15426, ACCT#: 48290210010009, Swansea Gulch north side of Kendall Mountain
Combination Lode SOLD Silverton 8.24+/- acres Above the East side of Silverton




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